Friday, July 4, 2014

[FREE APP] [iOS] Emojli - The Emoji Only network [Coming Soon]

Today FREE APP, well I can't really say it's FREE since it's not yet published, but once it's published this app will be FREE (hopefully). Today FREE APP is Emojli - The Emoji Only network.

Have you ever heard or even have installed or used Yo. App before?

If no, give it a try here:

If yes, this Emojli app is about the same, but instead of saying only "Yo." to your friends for everything, on Emojli you can use (only) emoji character to send messages or express your feeling to your friends.

Not only when sending message to your friends you should use emoji, but also when you create your emojli username, you should use only emoji character.

Well, even though the actual app is not released yet as of today 4th July 2014, but the official website here: is now accepting user registration and username reservation.

So if you think you will use this app, or at least give the app a try, why not register your emoji username first, before someone else take it?
Head over now to

The developer, Matt Gray and Tom Scott, didn't specify the launch date yet, but they say coming soon to iOS platform and other platforms later.

So hopefully when the app is really launched later, it will be fun and amazing if not stupid.

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