Friday, July 4, 2014

[FREE APP] [iOS] Stitch It! - Capture long screenshots with your iPhone

Today FREE APP is Stitch It! - Capture long screenshots with you iPhone.

As the name suggested, this app is used for stitching images from your phone, preferably screenshots and  stitch them into one seamless image - directly from your phone.

Some use cases why would you need this app:
  1. Stitching SMS/WhatsApp/Social Media feed messages, so it can be 1 full image and not split into few images
  2. Replace some part of the 1 image then stitch it with other part of other image, so in the end you get 1 image as a result from 2 or more images being merged/stitched <-- this is the one I did on below explanation
The developer, Lucky Bunny LLC, is made this app purposely for creating one seamless image of text message conversation so that you can easily upload this 1 image instead of many, to any social media.

However, on my use case, why in the first place I found this app was because I need to upload screenshots taken from my iPhone showing the FREE app with the FREE button on the Apple App Store, but then on my screenshots, the operator name was always shown which is okay but a bit annoying for me, because it's just like I'm doing FREE promotion for them :p

So basing on this, I looked around for solution how to replace the operator name on the iPhone without jailbreaking my iPhone. And after quite a while doing searching here and there, I found this app and test it.

So in my use case, I just turn off my cellular mode so that the operator name will be gone, then take the screenshot.
Then when I browse through Apple App Store to find FREE app and take screenshot of it, I use the app to stitch the upper part of the photo, so that the operator name is gone.

Here is the sample, before and after so that you know what I'm talking about:
Cellular Mode OFF:

Take screenshot from Apple App Store:


Here is the Apple App Store download link:

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